Betterlore's slogan: Next Generation of iGaming Technology

Betterlore is the brand and force behind a new type of online games being introduced on the market. Coupling popular physical machines with the power of online technologies gives rise to the 5th category of online gaming, live-mechanics, allowing a two-way interaction between the player and gaming machine in real-time.

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Betterlore employees

The team behind the brand


The multi-national team behind Betterlore is spread across our hubs in Malta, Germany, Serbia & India.

While fostering a start-up working culture, the company benefits from being part of the MERKUR group of companies, providing an adequate incubator for the disruptive Betterlore products.

World's first Live Mechanics games

Betterlore's drive to innovation brings along two new elements to the industry, the traditional arcade games such as the coin pusher, and an element of physical machines which in the era of digitization had disappeared from the gaming scene. With the use of low-latency streaming technology and proprietary machine integration technology we bring back the fun in playing the good old arcade machines, from the comfort of your home.

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