We’re not just another iGaming company

To drive innovation in iGaming

Innovation doesn’t stop at the first breakthrough. We are in a constant pursuit to drive change in the iGaming industry. We empower our team to look further, keep discovering and take iGaming to the next level. We innovate to keep our players entertained and to fuel success for the operators in the industry.

Our Brand Values

Stay Innovative

We are driven by change.

We want to achieve things that have never been done before. We are open to new ideas, challenge the status quo and push boundaries.

We stay innovative.

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Look Further

We never stop looking for the next big idea, the next improvement.

We never settle.We are not ready to accept iGaming as it stands, so are constantly on the look out for the next breakthrough. We want to revolutionise the industry and constantly improve our products.

We are pioneers. We remain curious. We look further.

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Live Boldly

We believe that every person on our team is vital to the success of our brand.

Each individual is warranted to drive change in iGaming and make an impact in the industry. We employ the best of the best. We take initiative, speak out and are honest for the sake of continuous improvement. We make it our own.

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Innovative game developer

We bring much needed innovation in an otherwise stale iGaming market also by regenerating long lost popular arcade games and the fascination of mechanical games to the virtual world.

Innovative Game Developer
An International Dimension

An international dimension

While the company foundations lie in Germany, we also have team hubs in Malta and Serbia, so far employing eight nationalities (German, Maltese, Turk, British, Austrian, Serb, Zambian, Indian).

Various stakeholders partnering with Betterlore are spread over Europe with a view of extending the coverage of our products around the globe.

This provides a broad exposure to our team further enabling their personal development and career growth aspirations when working with people of different backgrounds, working methods and different cultures.

Meet the team

Betterlore lays its foundations in the people which are bringing the Betterlore ideas to life and which impersonate the brand values every day. Every member of the team has a direct impact on the products delivered to our customers. At Betterlore we believe in building synergies within the team, to get the best out of all the resources we have.  Here are some of those...

We are part of the MERKUR GROUP

We are a young aspiring company, but with a DNA which dates back to 1957, when the holding company was founded.
Converting innovation to a working product is no easy job, but having a strong shareholder backing up the project certainly reduces the risks involved in doing so.

The MERKUR GROUP of companies provides an incubator platform for new ideas and ventures  such as Betterlore to prosper.  While the Betterlore core team develops the innovative products it brings along, the supporting functions
are mostly provided by the sister companies of the group which have the broad experience in serving all the holding companies and others too.  

With an overall compliment of over 15,000 employees around the globe, and over €2.5bn annual turnover, very few other companies can boast such a strong backing company pushing Betterlore forward.

Interested in joining the team?