Explore the 5th category of online games introduced as a world-first by Betterlore

Product features which fit your needs

From ease of integration to end-to-end platform support, our innovate products will be the source of renewed interest from online players around the world.

We understand that the industry has long been looking for products which can offer a differentiator and unique selling propositions. We believe that our products will do just that.

Your Advantages


Best in class technology

Integrating low-latency streaming with realtime player interaction and graphical overlays for the ultimate gaming experience.


Innovative range of games

We are all about innovation. We do not replicate what others have done, we build different products. Stay tuned for more innovation coming your way.

Advantages of using a Betterlore product

Increase in sales

The innovation brought forward by the Betterlore games guarantees increase gameplay on your platform.


24/7 operation

The machine intensive operation at Betterlore is designed to work 24/7 with enough redundancy in place to ensure non-stop player enjoyment.


Extensive roadmap

Continuous development briging along regular enhancements and feature additions to our games and platform alike, with our own development team.


Licensed product

The Betterlore B2B brand operated by BLC Systems Ltd is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most widely adopted regulatory frameworks in the igaming industry.

Our Services

Platform Connectivity

Seamless integration using modern API technology which integrates seamlessly into any platform.

24/7 monitoring

Our tech team is monitoring the end-to-end system 24/7 and will react to a detected problem around the clock.

Individual branding

The Betterlore platform allows various levels of branding on its platforms & games.

Machine and platform Maintenance

Regular maintenance of our machines and systems alike ensure that all components are operating at their best, without you having to worry about it.

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